Messenger bags are quickly becoming the go to bag for men looking to make a practical stylish statement while carrying around a bunch of crap.  Whether you are a businessman, student or just some guy looking to haul your broke ass to the nearest Starbucks, a messenger bag is probably a great way to get your stuff around town.

Aboutabag.com is where we review men’s messenger bags to see what are the best bags for the money.  You can buy expensive leather messenger bags or cheaper Nylon bags but each category has winners and losers.  When sometimes spending over $100 on a bag, you want to make sure you are getting the quality you deserve and that’s why we strive to give you guidance and recommendations that you can trust.

We have different guides depending on what type of messenger bag you are looking for but if you just want a basic messenger bag then start out with our Best Men’s Messenger Bag Guide and go from there.